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Quran it self explanatory book(Tafseer ul Ayaat)

Quran it self explanatory book(Tafseer ul Ayaat)

.He will give them the knowledge of the Book ..." (2:129)

by repeating topics in various chapters throughout the Qur'an. The manner of exegesis is <tasreef ul="" ayaat=""></tasreef> or recurrence and repetition of subjects within the Qur’anic verses, and it is by this method that the Book of Allah deals with various topics and provides its own explanation. We are reminded: 

"See how We repeat the verses that they may understand." (6:65)
<unzur kaifa="&lt;strong&gt;" nusarriful="&lt;/strong&gt;" a_ya_ti="" la="" yafqahu_n=""></unzur>

"And certainly We have repeated for mankind in this Quran, every kind of similitude, but the majority of mankind do not consent to aught but denying." (17:89)
<wa laqad="">sarrafna_="" lin="" na_si="" fi="" ha_zal="" qur="" min="" kulli="" masal="" fa="" aba_="" aksarun="" illa_="" kufu_ra=""></wa>

Allah Himself has circulated topics within His Book, and what is unclear at one passage is made distinct by another verse in another passage within the Qur’an itself. One verse will throw light on the other. Furthermore we are informed that the messenger of Allah also explained the Qur’an by the Qur’an itself:

"And thus do We repeat the verses and that they may say: You have read; and that We may make it clear to a people who know." (6:108)
<wa kaza_lika="&lt;strong&gt;" nusarriful="&lt;/strong&gt;" a_ya_ti="" wa="" liyaqu_lu_="" darasta="">linubayyinahu_="" liqaumiy="" ya=""></wa>

It is evident from the above that the messenger’s lectures on the Qur’an were based on <tasreef_ul_ayat></tasreef_ul_ayat>, i.e. recurrence of Ayat, to clarify topics within the Qur’an. The messenger gave Dars ul Qur-an, by this manner, and the Qur’an was clarified by the Qur’an itself. This is further supported in Surah Al-Furqan, where a certain objection of the unbelievers is identified: 

"The unbelievers say: "Why is not the Qur'an revealed to him all at once? Thus (is it revealed gradually) that We may strengthen thy heart thereby and We have rehearsed it to thee in slow well-arranged stages gradually. And no example do they bring to thee but We bring to thee the truth and the best explanation." (25:32-33)
<wa qa_lal="" lazina="" kafaru_="" lau="" la_="" nuz="" zila="" alaihil="" qur="" a_nu="" jumlataw="" wa_hidah="" kaza_lika="" linusab="" bita="" bihi="" fu="" a_daka="" wa="" rat="" talna_hu="" tartila_wa="" yatu_naka="" bimasalin="" il="" jina_ka="" bil="" haq="" qi="&lt;strong">"" ahsana="" tafsira=""></wa>

"And no example do they bring to thee but We bring to thee the truth and the best ‘Tafsir’ (exegesis)" (25:33)
<wa la_="" yatu_naka="" bimasalin="" il="" jina_ka="" bil="" haq="" qi="" wa="&lt;strong&gt;" ahsana="" tafsira="&lt;/strong&gt;"></wa>

"Thus do We make the verses distinct for a people who reflect." (10:24)

"Indeed We have made the verses distinct for a people who will utilize their understanding." (6:98)

"A Book We have revealed to you abounding in good that they may ponder over its verses, and that those endowed with understanding may be mindful." (38:29)

              " See how We repeat the verses that they may understand." (6:65)

             "See how We repeat the verses, yet they turn away (from the truth rendered by recurrence of Ayat)." (6:46)
It is Allah, who is the ‘Mufasir’ i.e commentator of the Qur’an, and the Tafsir of one verse was provided by the revelation of other verses which would throw light on the subject under discussion. Thus it is said:

"Ar-Rahmaan (The Beneficent God). It is He who teaches the Qur’an." (55:1-2)

Not only was the revelation, compilation and protection of the Book taken up by Allah himself, but also its explanation. As we are informed:

"Do not move your tongue with this (Qur'an) to make haste with it. Surely on Us (devolves) the collecting of it and the reciting of it. Therefore when We have recited it, follow its recitation. Again on Us (devolves) the explaining of it." (75:16-19)

Hence it is Allah who provides the Tafsir of His Book by <tasreef ul="" ayat="">, that is, by repetition of verses. </tasreef>We will now observe the manner of Tafsir of Qur’anic subjects that is given by Allah in His Book itself and which was consequently taught by the messenger to his audience.